A Smart Watch

So, I decided to gift myself today with this not-so-expensive smart watch that I saw online. It came in a pretty good deal that I find it too hard to miss.

Not sure if it will be what I expected it to be, but based on the reviews, it is a 50star-product so we will see.

Accordingly, these are its features:
• Durable silicone casing and watch band with buckle closure
• Bluetooth v4.0
• 30′ Bluetooth operating range
• Compatible with iOS and Android OS devices, including smartphones and tablets
• 1.26″ TFT capacitive touchscreen LCD display
• Built-in 230mAh rechargeable battery
• Time, date, week, and battery state display
• Ringing reminder when you receive a call, message, and when mobile phone disconnected
• Caller ID
• Stopwatch function
• Supports hands-free calls
• Plays music from your phone
• Sync phone book, SMS, and call history (only compatible with Google Android)
• Anti-lost alarm function
• Remote photo-taking function
• Altitude meter, passometer, and barometer
• Measures 10″ L, laid flat
• Weighs 9oz

And of course, I chose color white rather than black or red. I think it will be neater! I hope it won’t disappoint!

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Taking Steps to Protect the Beauty of Lakes


When most people think about visiting the lake, they think about it from the perspective of having a good time. And it is true, some of the best times that a person can have with their friends and family is around the lake. Whether it is canoeing, sail boating, fishing, ice-skating, ice fishing, or doing a whole host of other lake related activities, everyone has a good time.

The reason why people enjoy going to the lake is because the lake is attractive. It is full of wildlife, and the water can be very tranquil.

Lakes have a powerful ecological, recreation, and aesthetic value. For this reason, it is imperative that governments take the steps necessary to protect lakes.

In addition to being an enjoyable place to visit, lakes and especially the shoreline play an important role in the function of the environment. The shoreline is a filter of sorts. It prevents pollutants from the land from getting into the water. It protects the soil from erosion, and it serves as a habitat for fish and wildlife.

Unfortunately, because of their size, many people mistakenly believe that lakes are impervious to any sort of damage. They believe that people can pollute the lakes and that they can introduce new species into the lakes and nothing is going to go wrong.

However, time and time again it is clearly seen that if the lakes are not protected, the wildlife inside of them begins to die. When the wildlife inside of a lake begins to die, it affects all of the wildlife outside of the lake. Little by little, what happens in the lake begins to affect what happens to humans who live in the vicinities of the lakes.

Something to remember is that although the earth is made up primarily of water, the vast majority of that water is saltwater. It cannot be ingested by humans, and so it’s use is relatively limited. The largest source of liquid freshwater that mankind has are there lakes. And so they need to take steps to protect this necessary resource.

Environmental consulting Atlanta GA firms take the lead in helping communities address issues affecting their lakes. They evaluate the wildlife, they look for signs of pollution, contamination, and the dying off of a particular breed of wildlife.

These agencies will work with construction companies and others to ensure that any work done does not have a negative impact on the surrounding lakes.


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