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I love Mondays! Well, not really! I don’t like the manics, the pressures, and the stress that it brings because it’s the first day of a busy week and lots are expected of me.

However, I love Mondays when it comes to blogging because it means a good start of a busy blogging week if there are writing tasks to finish. Not this week though because there have been none in my dashboards. Ha ha ha.

But one thing that’s worth joining on Mondays? The Red Hot Mondays meme! And for this week, I am going to feature my red but not-so-hot blog called Rare Ordinary Thoughts.



It’s the second oldest blog that I have which was born on August of 2007. To date, it has 2,050 posts in it, including drafts which I’ve chosen to unpublished. Lol. It has served me well moneywise since it has started its paid blogging journey for almost four years now. It’s the only blog left on a Blogger platform, and though I am thinking of moving it to WordPress, I thought I’ll just leave it there with the hope that it won’t get spammed, hacked, or whatever!

Please feel free to visit that site of mine. It is PR3 and yes, it is a site so precious to me! Do leave me a note if you want link exchange over at that site!

Thank you and have a blazing hot Mondays opps-wise! 🙂

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