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Red (Hot) Blog

I love Mondays! Well, not really! I don’t like the manics, the pressures, and the stress that it brings because it’s the first day of a busy week and lots are expected of me.

However, I love Mondays when it comes to blogging because it means a good start of a busy blogging week if there are writing tasks to finish. Not this week though because there have been none in my dashboards. Ha ha ha.

But one thing that’s worth joining on Mondays? The Red Hot Mondays meme! And for this week, I am going to feature my red but not-so-hot blog called Rare Ordinary Thoughts.



It’s the second oldest blog that I have which was born on August of 2007. To date, it has 2,050 posts in it, including drafts which I’ve chosen to unpublished. Lol. It has served me well moneywise since it has started its paid blogging journey for almost four years now. It’s the only blog left on a Blogger platform, and though I am thinking of moving it to WordPress, I thought I’ll just leave it there with the hope that it won’t get spammed, hacked, or whatever!

Please feel free to visit that site of mine. It is PR3 and yes, it is a site so precious to me! Do leave me a note if you want link exchange over at that site!

Thank you and have a blazing hot Mondays opps-wise! 🙂

THREE LITTLE FEATS Bribed Me with an Anne Klein Watch

How’s that? Well, sounds interesting, huh? And now I heard you asking  WHAT? WHY? WHEN? HOW? Okay, hold your peace because I heard you!

First off, check out Avs’ THREE LITTLE FEATS page and see how cool her blog is! 😉

And then, enjoy the may-not-be-fancy photos of the Anne Klein watch that I received from her but definitely an awesome bribe! 🙂 THANK YOU VERY MUCH, AVS!

So, you want to receive your share, too? Sure you can!

Take a look at the snipped words from Avs herself as to how I was chosen to be the recipient of the first every giveaway, er, BRIBE that she sent out!

She let me chose from this page an Anne Klein watch that I liked most and she ordered it for and mailed it to me! Yay! Got so lucky that her first ever bribe is a watch because I am such a sucker of watches! LOL. I don’t know yet what her next giveaway is, but for sure, it will be another cool, neat, pricey, and really worth for keeps token! As to the what, where, when, why, and how of it, here’s what Avs simply needs from you:

Crystal clear? Lol. So start stalking her blog now and leave your footprints! I mean, fingerprints! I mean, your notes about your visit. I understood that she’s giving away two bribes every year so you will have a chance now to win the other for this year since I already won the first one! HAH!

And the most exciting part of it all is receiving the very bribe that the generous Avs sent:

the magnified Macy's box that contained the watch

And then, ta-daaaa!

the absolutely pretty $55-worth-Anne Klein watch!


...and personal! 🙂 Sorry for the visible veins! LOL

So, what are you waiting for? I know it’s a bit drooling so don’t miss the chance to grab a bribe from Three Little Feats in the future! The good news is, Avs didn’t limit her sending out to US residents only because it’s open to ALL even international addressees! That’s a hope, right?

Okay, start dropping by her site now and be on your way to receiving the next coolest bribe there is on the blogosphere courtesy of THREE LITTLE FEATS!


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