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Rewards for the Eyes and Feet


Today was a combination of not-so-fun and cool kind of day.  The husband and I have an appointment to see our eye doctors because we both feel that we needed an upgrade for our prescription eyeglasses. So, off we went to C. Eye Clinic in Cleburne right after the husband got home from his class at noon. We are new patients in this clinic for being new Texas residents. We’ve been to this clinic late last year when I brought our daughter here to have her eyes checked. Sure enough, she needed her own pair of eyeglasses which became such a relief to her right after she got it.

Anyway, today, it sucked when we were told how much it will cost me and the husband for today’s services that we got. It is so darn expensive that I kinda regretted coming here and not looking for any other option for an eye clinic. The husband laughed at me when I kept murmuring how expensive it was. He comforted me by saying that “this is only once a year or once every two years so just close your eyes on it!” It’s one of the reasons why I love my husband so much. He never gave me the burden of having to pay for it as if I am the one who has the job to pay for it. LOL.

To make the long story at the eye clinic short, we ended up paying over the thousand dollars from our own pocket for both of our eye services and prescriptions today. It sure hurt in our budget, but when we got home, a huge box of package waited for us at our doorway and when I opened it, the three pairs of shoes were sort of told me that we deserved to have a happy feet after a financial burden for our eyes. Ha ha!

I am glad the husband liked his pair a lot. I bought these online a couple days ago and surely, it arrived in its perfect timing.

It may be a pain in the pocket but a happy feet we have and soon, happy eyes, too!

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