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Holiday Lights


We went to enjoy a scene of holiday LED lights at Hulen Park in the city of Cleburne. It is one the top destination in Northcentral Texas when it comes to seeing holiday lights and experiencing winter wonderland. I was actually looking forward to this trip because the parents-in-law are here and I want them to experience such scene. The outcome? We all enjoyed it even though not all lights were on that evening. Accordingly, all 3 million something LED lights are in this park and on Christmas eve, everything will be lighted. I can imagine how beautiful this place will be.

We went to the same place in Central Wisconsin a year ago and it was equally beautiful although up there is way colder. I am glad that there is one same place here in Texas as it feels like we are still in Wisconsin with this holiday display.

How about you– is there a park with holiday lights for the public near you? Have you visited one? Do share!


3M ePrivacy Filter Software: What an Innovation!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 3M. All opinions are 100% mine.


How many of you have been bombarded with news about identity theft? How many of you have been a victim of such? You see, in today’s age of computer screens and the internet, all of us users can be subjects to identity theft. Whether we like it or not, the modernity of our time also comes with the modern way of intruding our privacy; that is, via the internet.

I don’t know about you but personally, I manage most of my personal accounts online. From shopping to paying bills, bank accounts and all other personal connections, most of them are hooked in the world wide web. Having said that, it is always dangerous when personal identifications are stolen by internet thieves, hackers, and intruders.

The good news is, there are already software that can help us secure our online accounts and that includes the 3M™ ePrivacy Filter Software! Learning about this software actually made me exclaim what an innovation it is!

So, what is this software all about?

First of all, you have to have a Windows computer as this software is not available to Mac users yet. If your computer has webcam, you’re good since this program uses your computer’s webcam to learn the user’s face through it’s facial recognition software. Yes, this software will enable your computer to detect yourself as the recognized and authorized user so any other face that’s different to yours will make a significant detection. How does that sound now?

Imagine yourself using your computer in a public place like a coffee shop or at airports. Such places are prone to intruders, right? What the ePrivacy filter software will do is that it will make your screen blurry if you as the recognized user are looking elsewhere. If an intruder is detected, you will be alerted with a pop-up of the intruder’s face with an image taken by the webcam. I think this is something that all of us need to install! Learn more about 3M™ ePrivacy Filter Software if I have not completely elaborated it and online privacy will never be the same again!

If you’re curious and interested, you can also Download a 30-day free trial of 3M™ ePrivacy Filter Software to see for yourself! Just go to to download the software and then enter the activation code (VX7J-3CVJ-AyW2-X4PQ) to start your 30-day trial. Whether for personal protection or your company’s accounts’ protection, this is definitely one helpful software to try. It is not a sole source of privacy protection but it could be combined with the standard 3M Privacy Filter and true 180-degree visual privacy will be possible!

Do you want to experience this truly wonderful innovation now?


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