Made-over Floor

This photo shows the daughter and her Aunt Nora at my sister-in-law’s house in Las Vegas! I am very proud to show this here in this blog of mine because of the hard work excellently done by my very own hubby!

It shows the newly made-over floor done by… YES— my very husband! From carpet to a hardwood flooring in three days! Yay! Great and super awesome job sweetheart! You are amazing and you have definitely made your sister happy and her friends envy of her for having a brother who is willing to help her out without pay! 🙂 And yes, without me forcing the husband to go to a Vegas break so he can help out, this flooring wouldn’t have been materialized! 🙂

153rd of the 163/366 BPC

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4 Responses to “Made-over Floor”

  • In-in says:

    Friend mao ni kanang gipalit lang sa store? Amoa kay bati kaayo pagka pili sa floor. Kana lagi nangayawat then karon mag palit na sad mi lain kay na daut na siya. Nice kaayo pagkabuhat nila bura ug professional ang dating.

  • Dhemz says:

    as in 3 days? grabi ka kugihan ni prof. Cel…nya to think about it usa ra iya sidekick…ehehhe! kung sa pinas pana nga trabaho…agoy, maabtan ug 1 ka bulan kay daghan pahuway…lol!

    nice jud kau ang woodfloor…as in! gusto ko ug wood floor kaso mahal lang man kau ang labor woi…hehhee! asa ka mangita anang Free nya nice pa kau pagkatrabaho.

  • Mel Cole says:

    pwede ko magpa hire? hehehe i also dream of changing our carpet to hard flooring. paga-nindot sa install and new floor oi. doing my 366 bpc rounds here mommy.

  • Jessica Cassidy says:

    yay! I really like this picture of Triz and Aunt Nora Momi Rcel 🙂 very good and kaau c baner nimo…love the floor…so shiny too and hats off to your husband 🙂 Returning from BPC.

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