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Pasalubong, anyone? If you’re a Filipino, you are very familiar with this term. If you are not, then I’ll let what Wikipedia defined do the explaining to you so that you can understand the term.

Pasalubong is the Filipino tradition of a homecoming gift. The word is Tagalog, literally meaning “[something] meant for you when you welcome me back.” It is one of the most distinctive and widely practiced Filipino traditions. Pasalubong can be any gift or souvenir brought for family, loved ones, or friends after being away for a period of time. It can also be any gift given by someone arriving from a distant place.

So for us Filipinos, pasalubong is always a part of someone who goes somewhere and comes back. For many times, when I was young, my older sisters have gone abroad for work purposes and every time they go home, they always bring something for each of us. Those are pasalubong that we looked forward to always. My Uncles would receive wines and cigars that were imported and oh, I can just imagine the thrill every time. As for us younger kids, we would just be contended with clothing, shoes, and accessories. Those were the days when little things like that would be the greatest source of happiness.

Now that I am the one away from my family, it is me that look for pasalubong to bring every time I go home to my family. It makes the homecoming extra special when I do bring some stuff to give out because the smiles you can see in the recipients’ faces are simply priceless.

Indeed, Filipinos’ way of homecoming is simply the best!

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