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Triz’s Pet Fishes

My daughter has officially been a pet fish lover since I posted about her acquired Jack and Jill. She has been so ecstatic each day ever since Jack and Jill came into her life. Too bad though that Jill died just a week before we left Las Vegas for our short vacation. We ended up having only Jack in the fish bowl as we left it to our friend’s care while we were gone. When Jill died, Triz got so emotional and sad. She wanted so bad to get Jack another partner right then and there. However, we promised we’ll buy the partner when we get back from Vegas.

Sure enough, a couple days after we got back from Vegas, we fulfilled our promise to Triz. We went to Petco to find the perfect partner but we haven’t found one. We checked out Walmart and it’s there that we found the “right” pet partner.

The Walmart pet attendant that caught out fishes for us!

Triz was so delighted. So does the Dad. Me? I don’t really care as I am not tending them at all. Lol. I just enjoy watching them enjoying in their home but I don’t feed them not change their water. It’s the Daddy’s and Triz’s job. 😀

The Dad added four more fishes to Jack so the fish bowl now have 5 fishes. We bought another bowl though because the pet lovers decided to separate the smaller ones from the two bigger ones.

I must say that having these fishes around here gives extra smiles to us. It’s a joy to watch and feed them, and the daughter has been taught to be more responsible with them. Pets are indeed a joy, isn’t it?

Do you guys have pets? Do you love fishes as pets?

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