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“We Love You Mom” Pillow

Pillows are my best friends these days! With my bump getting bigger and bigger, bedtime becomes a dull and drudging experience and even resting in the couch is often unexciting because of the position that I need to look for in order to feel the most comfortable. In our bed, I have piles and piles of pillows. I don’t have that cool pillow for pregnant women invention as I am not willing to spend over $50 on it, but what I got are good enough to provide the comfort that I need during sleeping time.

And because pillows are my best friends, I don’t mind receiving one if it’s already there and if it’s not that expensive. Lol. The husband has been offering me to buy that pregnancy pillow but I kept on refusing because of its price. Last week though, when he and the daughter went to Walmart to check out something, they stopped by the Clearance section and was able to grab this “We Love You Mom” pillow that was 40% on sale accordingly. It’s one of those Mother’s Day stuff displayed and since the holiday is already over, it was already put on sale and they picked the one up as there were only two left.

The daughter then handed me the pillow when they got home.

Sweet thing! 🙂

She kept on asking me if I loved what they bought for me and of course, I did! 😉

What's not to love about it, right?

If they bought it at its original price, I won’t enjoy it, but because they took advantage of the sale, I have smiled with and at their gesture. Lol. I sure have sweet and awesome housemates!

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Class Rings

Do you have a class ring? It would be cool to have one that’s really uniform among your classmates, right? I tried to look for class ring online and found these sets of class rings for girls and then I have thought of my niece-in-law who will be graduating from high school next week.

Girls High School Class Rings

I bet if she could see this, she will be thinking or ordering or asking her class to order a set of this for all of them. How neat!

When I graduated from college, we have never thought of getting a class ring for my degree mates. It would have been great if we did especially that we remain to be best friends until now. We only have this friendship band that we each have but a class ring would have been nice, too, wouldn’t it?

How about you– do you have a class ring?

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