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Google Android Tablet

I am waiting for this to arrive in my doorstep:

A 7” Google Android Tablet with Wi-Fi, Camera, MicroSD Card Slot + Car Charger and Case

7" Google Anroid tablet

I’m not sure if I will love this product, but I rest my case in the fact that I got this for a very cheap price so it should be worth it no matter what. Ha ha ha. The tracking says I shall get this tomorrow so just one more night of waiting. Until then, I can’t say anything good or bad about it. I just hope I shall be happy with it! Lol.

Nomorerack Scam?

Who among you have shopped at When I first heard and visited the site, I was amazed at the insanity deals and the 8 featured deals for the day. I felt like grabbing all of them at once and add them to my shopping cart, but then, I was cautioned by one article that I’ve read which mentioned about a nomorerack scam. It made me apprehensive to proceed adding an item and making a purchase for the first time because I am aware that indeed, scams online are flooding these days and I don’t want to be a victim of it. However, there are a lot of positive reviews as well about this store, so after deciding to go for the very first purchase and see it for myself, months later, I found myself checking their daily deals and buying some one at a time.


When my very first purchase arrived, I was like, “What nomorerack scam?” Of course is for real! Their daily deals are amazing! If you buy any of them, you are taking advantage of the chance to be able to get such top quality item at a discounted price! I’ve already bought a purse, a footwear, some clothes and some accessories from them, and yes indeed, the quality of their items are a top class! Read more at and visit to see it for yourself!

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