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Touchscreen Speaker Dock

The daughter has been imagining if there is this dock where she can just put her iPod on it and it will stay there and play music and video for her without her doing any of the operation, so she can accordingly multi-task. She hasn’t seen one yet, but I guess this is what she’s talking about:

A Pyle-Home Touchscreen Speaker Dock with Built-In FM Radio Alarm Clock for iPad, iPod, iPhone

It is Pule model PIPDSP2 and I wish it is not that expensive so I can get one for the daughter, but may be not for now.

These are its features by the way, in case you’re interested:

Product Features:
• 150W speakers
• Compatible with iPad 1 and 2
• Compatible with all iPods and iPhones
• Line-in input
• Built-in FM radio
• Component video out
• Alarm clock
• 2.0 channel amplifier
• Remote control
• LCD display
• Synchronize with iTunes while connected
• Touchpanel control system

This was sent to my inbox to me by my fave discount store! It is where I am able to buy stuff at a very low prices because they’re sold from 50 t0 90% off. This one though is not that affordable to me yet so I’ll say pass for now. You can get it here though if you’re interested!

Apply for Business Grants Now!

Okay, needing 3 grand right now? Or five thousand? Or 10 thousand? If you need such amount for your business, you may qualify to apply for business grants right now by visiting the site! It can help you know and learn the steps on how to apply for such grant and you will be informed on the basic requirements.

If you’re just within the United States, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

That’s because there are actually over 10 agencies that offer either small business grants or non-profit business grants depending on the places you are in. If you check with your local government agencies, there are cities, counties, and states that help out anyone wanting to start a business by giving away money as grant. If you qualify, that should smoothen your goal. Federal agencies could be an option, too. And also, large corporations within your area.

The secret is to just know what you really intend to do with the money and be firm in applying for a business grant. Check our now because they have elaborated 10 easy suggestions on how to apply and be qualified for a business grant fitted for your business plan. I should say the site’s expertise on this subject matter should be enough to help you with this.

I can only wish that it is this easy back in my home country as well because back there, I know of many who really want to start up a business but don’t have the capital to do so.

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