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A New 16GB MicroSD

I bought this for an additional media storage which I can use for all my digital toys and because I was able to save a great 60% off on its price, I am not regretting it!

Any additional gigabytes of memory these days is such an “in” thing– don’t you think?

I save a lot of memory cards for the digital cameras, mobile phones, and even for extra hard drive storage. The new memory cards though are very useful as gifts, especially that I am starting to buy digital cameras again for my sisters back home in CDO who have been flooded and whose digital cameras were washed out. I hope to give them again this year.

Nomorerack Rocks!

I am a fan for almost a year now! And being one, my daily visit to this cool online store that has 8 deals every day almost always make me add an item to my card. For today’s deal, this burgundy quilted shoulder bag is what’s most appealing to me right now:

It’s sold at 64% off so I must say it’s a steal!

I am still arguing with myself if I’ll get this for today. I like it for my own usage and if I’ll give this to either my mom or sister, I’m sure either of them would love this, too!

I couldn’t count anymore how many times I have shopped at Nomorerack. Although I am a little impatient with how long it takes for their shipping process to have my bought item arrived in my mailbox, still, I can’t deny the fun I experience every time I shop from them. I get the stuff at a much discounted price and it is so worth it in the end!

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