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BPC #7/366: My HP TouchSmart All-in-One PC

I am absolutely a slacker! I am supposed to write a review of my recent amazing toy that the dear husband bought me and which is in my use for over a month now and yet, I haven’t written anything about it. One thing is for sure though, I have no complaints whatsoever of what this 21.5″ HP TouchSmart All-in-One PC is doing to me! It is absolutely awesome!

The husband bought this for me in replacement of my only 10-month-old desktop which we decided to send to Philippines for his family’s use there. That was after Trojan crashed its system disabling me to save every file saved on its hard drive and every bookmarked site at IE, FF, and Chrome. I am just thankful that I am using a portable hard drive for all my photos; everything was saved, except those that I have edited and enhanced and were saved at the hard drive.

I didn’t hesitate to order this All-in-One PC for myself when the husband asked me to do so. He asked me if I prefer a laptop but I insisted I wanted an all-in-one PC because it has all the features of a laptop in a desktop, plus it’s a touch screen. Sure enough, I love everything about it, and so do him and the daughter!


I hope to really write a detailed review of this toy soon, if I can get over my slack and idleness! Lol. 


This is by the way my 7th entry for the 366 Blog Photo Challenge that Dhemz’s Me and My Passion is currently hosting!

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