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It is Now 2012!

It’s been a long rest for this blog of mine! The last post below is still dated 2011 but it is New Year now so although it is late, I wanna say “Hello 2012!“.


I have lots of stories that I want to share, and posts about the Sendong Charity that I made, but I still am finding the will to put everything altogether. For now, I’ll savor every remaining days I have before school will be back for the husband. Plus, there is so much to manage with my First trimester sickness so I’m lying low from being online as much as possible.


Stealing some time to post and write for the tasks I have is always on the list though. Hopefully, I can get all of my will back to blog regularly again. For now, I wish you well for the second week of 2012 and I hope the first week that has passed by was an excellent one! 🙂

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