Help CDO and Iligan Victims of Typhoon Sendong: Donate Now!

I am sure it is not new to you anymore when you hear of Typhoon Sendong or Tropical Storm Washi. It’s been the talk of the town for Filipinos and the international media. Unknown to many but known to most of my friends, my family in Balulang and Macanhan Carmen, as well as so many friends in Cagayan de Oro City are victims from the said typhoon.


At 12 midnight on that unfateful Friday night, my family had to brave a knee-high floodwater that got inside our residence in Villa Angela Subdivision (Balulang). With too much prodding of my Brother-in-Law to go out of the house and seek shelter at the neighbor with a 3-story-house, all of the people in our home was able to get out. Accordingly, within just a minute, the water rose until waist-level. It signaled a disaster to all of them.


Within just some blinks, they have seen how the waters destroyed and damaged their homes. In the morning, eerie scenes showed an unimaginable devastation that CDO has gone through. There was a barangay that got completely washed out, homes were destroyed, lives were lost, dreams were shattered, and hopes were deemed not there anymore. A neighbor’s house in Villa Angela Subdivision where ours also stood looked like this after the mud flood:

I can imagine our home too look the same as above. I just couldn’t see a snap of it because accordingly, my sister wasn’t able to save their camera.


Inside the subdivision where we lived, this is the road going to our house:

On the morning after the flash flood

And the dike by the road when you leave our barangay looked like this:

 It spells devastation and so much loss. And that’s just in Balulang. The calamity stole a whole lot of spots and corners of Cagayan de Oro City and the next big city which is Iligan.


Now I am appealing for help; not only for my family who lost so many things but for others and for the entire Mindanao that was a victim of the storm. If you have the heart and the hand to share, you can directly click the image below to be directed to the Philippine Red Cross Foundation:

Click to be directed to Philippine Red Cross

Or click the image below for a more direct donation to go the CDO and Iligan victims via CDO and Iligan Bloggers:

Click image for How to donate info

…or you can contact me directly for more information or for direct donations to my family and friends who were vastly affected. I accept Paypal donations to [email protected] or check payable to Recel Duarte. I assure you that every donation I received and will receive went and will go to the victims and God will surely be recording all the good deeds you have extended or will extend in helping your brothers and sisters in dire need. 


Thank you very much!

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