I Am an Absentee Voter!

I was scanning through my old photos and found this:

My official ballot being an overseas absentee voting during the Philippine National Election last May 2010. Hmm… after the election and most of the candidates that I voted for won, it made me felt proud being a Filipino because of the fact that my voice was still heard even if I am away from my home country!

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9 Responses to “I Am an Absentee Voter!”

  • January says:

    buti ka pa naka pag boto..ako na andito lang sa Pinas hindi man lang nakaboto..:(

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  • emzkie says:

    thats so cool Cel! ako wala dyuy mabotohan diri. pero kung ganahan ka.. ang akong wednesday whites diay naa diri. hehe a Sahm Reviews .Net and
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  • KM says:

    nice ! 25 years in the Philippines, and never, not once did I exercise my right to vote 🙁

    Visiting you for WW. I hope you can visit me back: DR. RUSSELL DOHNER, LOVED BY ALL

  • mai @ maithreeboyz says:

    same with janz, buti ka pa naka vote hehehe. @km, i’m much worse. never voted my entire life. kaya i can’t complain, i did not exercise my right, e. thanks for the visit, rcel!

  • Lainy says:

    You have my admiration Sis for exercising your right to suffrage. At least even when you’re far away from home, you did not put to waste your right. Letting your voice be heard by casting your vote is one solid act of being a good Pinoy!

    Hats off!

  • Leovi says:

    Voting is a right that no one can remove.

  • gagay says:

    ..and a concerned citizen too!

  • Raya says:

    wow! it’s great that you still get to exercise your right to suffrage while out of the country, cel. Was not able to do that while here in Thailand. Thanks for sharing this interesting post.. and hope to see you again at WW this week!

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