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House renovations

Content by Sol Rosales

My husband and I just finished renovating our house. Our plan was always to move to a bigger and better house, but when the economy crashed, we decided it was best to stay where we were. Instead of moving, we remodeled the bathrooms and kitchen. It looks like a completely different house. The floors in the bathrooms are heated and the tile work is amazing. The kitchen looks more usable and there is twice as much storage space. While it is not my dream kitchen, it is close enough for now. Since we have finished the renovations, we have started looking for a home security service. Our house’s value has increased and we want to do our best to protect it. I was also reading that by adding an alarm it will decrease our home insurance. Since we have been spending so much money lately, it will be nice to get some back. Now we just have to decide what change to make next. My husband has always wanted a man cave. Maybe we will start that project soon.

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