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From B, on my 28th Birthday

Seven months ago today, I celebrated my 28th year of existence here on earth. That was March 28th and I turned 28 years old. Awesome, I know!

I wasn’t surrounded with the physical presence of my loved ones because it was just the three of us that day. I did cook some stuff but for schedule reasons, friends weren’t available on an impromptu invitation so the three of us (hubby, daughter, and I) just drove to our friends’ workplaces to hand them the Spaghetti and Lumpia that I made. Yes, they were honored! Lol.


One of the presents I got on my 28th birthday was this card that Beth, the very first Filipina I have known and met here in Stevens Point gave me:

A birthday and gift card on my 28th birthday!

I love the pinkblueyellowgreen combination of hues! Don’t you?


Anyway, I was so thankful for this present that Beth gave. Beth is now based in Emporia City in Kansas State. She and her husband moved down there last summer after her husband got inspired by my husband to take up a Master’s Program in Mathematics. I wish them the best and much successes in life. I hope to see them soon here in Wisconsin or down there in Kansas!


The pink shade of the card is for  !

Helpful Carpet Cleaning Tips

I should say thank you to those helpful carpet cleaning tips that I read from! Because of it, we only got charged $75 for the carpet cleaning fee from our Security Deposit that we have had from the previous apartment rental. Indeed, those cleaning tips helped us in making the unit that we exited professionally cleaned.


We got the check with the amount of the monthly rental that we paid from our last residency which was $75 less only. Good for us, right? First of all, I expected a higher amount because I thought professional carpet cleaning is more than that. Plus, I was thinking that the management might be able to see minimal damage in our unit and they would charge us for it. Fortunately, there was none and they even thanked us for the good tenancy.


Anyway, how often do you clean your carpet? For us here, the husband vacuums it as often as he can because the asthmatic me would have those episodes if there have been too much dust on our floor. Also, we tend to replace our area rug twice a year because a dust-free home is a must for me. Call me an OCD, I don’t care. I am just a neat-freak individual and yes, a spic and span flooring is heaven to me!


Do you need professional carpet cleaners? If you live in the Texas area, you might be interested to check out!

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