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Driving Young

My half-Japanese niece, at only 7 years old, can already drive a car. She is big for her age (her Japanese Dad is a 6-footer; her Mom, just 5’2), so she can reach the gas and break pedals in a regular-size car. She has this Driving License for kids, which according to her parents, can make her drive a regular car at their own risk. I know, it’s unbelievable! Being a Go Kart junkie helps, I think! Lol. Here she is in her addiction:

Shai, Go Kart-ing

When I asked her if she wants to be like Danica Patrick when she grows big, she said NO. I exclaimed “GOOD!!!” deep inside. Lol. She said she wants to be a Doctor or a Painter, or whatever the Good Lord will make her become. Yes, she is remarkable!

          And I find this white Go Kart below to be so cute:

Cute white ride!

It is my older sister’s bestfriend and her son during their Go Kart escapade. Cool ride, huh?!

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