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Rethinking of our Car Insurance

Ah… the joy of having a car insurance— you don’t have to worry when you’re on the road driving to wherever you want to go, as long as you remain to be a safe, cautious, and vigilant driver. But arghh… the pain of having an insurance when your premium is really sky-rocketing; you know what I mean?

          The husband and I are starting to shop for a cheap auto insurance right now. If we can find one that’s really lesser than what our monthly premium is right now, we will definitely give it a go at the end of this quarter. See, both of us are good drivers, if not great. Well, good in the sense that we see to it that we can never put any negative mark in our rating so that our driving life will never get affected. In the husband’s 10 years of driving here in the US, I am proud to say that he has never had any ticket regarding driving stuff. I try to follow the same and so far, so good.

          Because I was a student when I first started my life on the wheel, I am glad to have availed one of those car insurance for students that our provider gave me. Now though, we can hardly avail of the same rate because our records reflect that none of us are students right now. Oh well!

            Anyway, how safe of a driver are you?

          If you are really that cautious and are a good follower of speed limit, congratulations! Accordingly, your life is increased in longevity because of such factor. On the other hand, if you are the type of driver who seems to be always in the rush, may be it’s time for you to pause and be focus on the benefits of being a safe and good driver. I’m sure it will be worth it!

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