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Teeny Tiny Mouse

I picked this pink mini-mouse up instantly the moment my eyes saw it at Big Lots. It was the only one left so I didn’t hesitate to put in in my cart, even if I didn’t know its price yet. I thought my daughter would love it because it is so cute, so perfect for her tiny hands.

Thankfully, it didn’t cost a lot. It was just $9.99 so it wasn’t bad at all.

It now replaced the old black mini-mouse that I bought for my old laptop three years ago. And yes, that little right hand of my daughter looks even cuter with this pink mouse! 😉

Organizing Some More

My days have been spent organizing and redecorating our home again and again. When you just moved in, you know what I’m talking about, don’t you? The thing is, we moved out from a bigger apartment compared to what we have moved in. Therefore, it is quite a challenge organizing our stuff. I made a small office space for me in our living room and my Office Supplies have somehow been arranged neatly. The husband’s computer desk with all her school materials are in the opposite site of mine. Thus, you can just imagine how our living room turned into a mixed room of receiving guests, family entertainment area, and office space. Interesting, huh? The good thing is, we don’t have a cable subscription so our TV isn’t really a hindrance for either of us.


We only have a few office supplies around. The most important stuff is our printer and printing papers, scotch tapes, stapler, pens or pencils, and the office furniture that we use. All other else are just a luxury. Imagine how practical we are!


And now that I’ve mentioned about our printer, I am reminded that I need an ink cartridge for it. I have photos that I want to be printed for the holidays to have them readied for send outs so I will be buying an ink set for our printer real soon!

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