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Go Away, Flood!

I just learned that a high school friend has been in Thailand for a month now. She was sent by her company to be assigned there for a year and the unfortunate news is, she was met by the severe flooding that the country is experiencing right now. Ahh… our prayers go to the nation of Thailand and its people, that the flood shall recede soon because it sure could cause a huge damage to the entire country. I have constant communication with my friends based in Thailand right now and I know they aren’t going through an easy luck at all. I can only hope that everything will be restored soon for them!


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I wish that our friends in Thailand has access to the same. Getting back to the normalcy of living when all the flooding have receded will for sure not be an easy one. So far, the only help I can extend is in a form of prayer… that He will spare the lives of the people there….

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