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Old But Good

My laundry system here in our new place is kind of old. I am not complaining, just saying. Lol. I actually don’t mind at all, as long as I have them. Here are my washer and my dryer machines:

My Laundry Machines

Aside from that, these two helpers of mine are placed in my very bathroom, so you can just imagine how cute our unit is. Actually, with how I did the interior organizing and arranging of our bathroom, it’s not so bad at all. My guests have been pretty impressed with how I have maximized its space. 🙂


A laundry system is a must for me. I tackle my laundry every week and normally, I have three loads of them– the whites, the light-colored, and the dark-colored hampered separately. When it’s my change of linen schedule, I would be doing more loads than the normal.


I love laundry time. I’m sure not all women do but I do. I just hate the sound of the washer and the dryer when they’re on operation. Obviously, I love silence. Lol. I love the folding best, especially that I get to take out warm clothes from the dryer machine. My visitors who get to see my closet would often ask if I do regular ironing. They seem to think that my way of folding our linens are well-ironed. I actually don’t. I do ironing for our Sabbath dresses only and the husband’s polo shirts, long sleeves, and slacks.


As for the laundry system, I can’t imagine living without them as I can’t handwash  all our laundry. See, ever since I was in Philippines, I can’t do hand washing for more than 10 clothes. My hands are allergic to detergents of any brand. I can do the rinsing and the drying and the folding and the arranging, but not the soaping part. When we were looking for an apartment to live, having a laundry system was a must. Although the husband has assured me that if we can’t find one within the unit, it will be alright as he will help me with everything.


I am just thankful that The Good Lord has provided me with one here in our new residency. They’re old, but definitely GOOD! 🙂

Label Pins

I was wondering where to get those custom lapel pins because I thought my own daughter deserves to have one for her Reading and Mathematics Achievements and just as I was browsing the web, came across. Seeing the wide selections of their available pins made me ecstatic. And these are the couple pins that I want to customize:

For the Reader

See, last Sunday, my 5-year-old daughter finished reading the 72-page The Cat in the Hat Book 4 for the very first time. I let the husband hear it and he was amazed. He couldn’t believe that his own daughter can read straight and a bit fast now with complete comprehension of what she has been reading. He thought her daughter deserves a reward! When he told the 5-year-old kiddo what she wants as a treat, she just exclaimed “A Happy Meal, Dad!” Lol. That means we will be claiming such ticket from the Daddy soon! Yay!


On the same hand, this daughter is into Mathematics, as well. We are only 2 months into our Homeschooling Program and yet, we are now in the middle part of our Advanced Kindergarten Working with Numbers textbooks. We are now doing the addition and subtraction operations with the complete number sentences and I find it cool how Triz finds the questions easy. I’m glad she got her Daddy’s love for numbers, that’s for sure!


For the Math Lover

Anyway, going back to the pins, yeah, I may be ordering a customized label pins for my own daughter. I sound to be a really proud mom, don’t I? 🙂

You might be delighted to know that there are so many categories of label pins available from the site. Don’t hesitate to check it out because the customized label pin that you are looking for might be there.


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