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More than Just a Vacation

I so badly need a vacation right now. However, I don’t think I will be getting any, because it’s been so tough for us, financial-wise. We just moved two weeks ago, we just helped a sister who needed money urgently, we will be sending some again, to a relative’s family who passed away while working overseas, and we are up for a charge from our two Nursing students back home. Sigh. Those Cape Cod rentals will just remain to be a dream for now.

Oh how I’d love to end my day in a scene like this:

Overlooking the ocean and with my family with me, what could be better than that? Cape Cod is definitely one of the places that I would like to visit one day and I sure would like to step foot in any of the places in the Cape Cod Bay.

Click on an area of the map in order to see it in more detail.

I remember watching a documentary show about the late Senator Kennedy featuring his home in Cape Cod. I also have seen a part of the then President Bush’s and President Obama’s vacation in Martha’s Vineyard and oh, I was mesmerized by how grandeur the place is! I was like, “I wish, I wish, I wish… to be able to have a vacation in that place, too!” Ha ha ha. What a dream, I know!

Anyway, there will be time for me. For now, I’ll just keep on listing the places that I’d want to explore someday. I am sure Cape Cod vacation rentals will always be available as a great summer destination!

An Identity Theft Protection Safeguard

We sure have learned our lesson. That is, when it comes to credit card usage, it is most helpful when you’re safeguarded by an identity theft protection benefit or feature that your credit card company offers because in times when your personal data and information are being stolen from you, without such protection, life can be a mess.


It happened over three years ago to us. Our credit card was charged with a whopping $3,895.00 from an three online purchases done separately in London, UK and in France. And we are here in the US! Can you believe it? I couldn’t myself. And it happened in just a couple of hours from the last time I logged in to my account to check our bill. My jaw dropped when I saw the charges, really. I had to inform my husband who was at work right then and there. He had to call our bank and our credit card company at that instance and our online accounts where then freeze from that moment. To make the long story short, we disputed those charges and the favor was for us, thanks to the identity theft protection that safeguarded us.


Do you have the same benefit from your credit card or other online merchant account? IdentityHawk can help you safeguard your assets, your properties, and your good name. It is, I must say, identity theft protection at its best.


Ahh… the joy and the PAIN that technology these days bring! Sure, I can shop and shop without a cash on hand because the plastics can help me do it, but when the information behind those plastics are being stolen from you, there can be a mess ahead. Only such can be avoided when you’re being protected online. Check out what can do to you!

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