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My Pink HP Touchpad Case is Here!!!

I did mention in the old entry that I bought a leathercase for my HP Touchpad which is so pink. Sure enough, it never changed its color when it got into my hands. Hahaha.

I was so excited to open the package when the UPS guy handed it down to me but then I realized it was so girlie indeed when I dressed it on my Touchpad. The daughter then exclaimed, “Wow! That is so pink, Mang! Isn’t there a red or purple or blue?” She sure was looking for her favorite color! HA!

And when the husband saw it, he was like, “That thing is for girls!” Nyahaha. And since then, he has never held it. 😛 Well, he doesn’t have time for it anyway!


So now, my Touchpad doesn’t only look cute and girlie but very much protected, too. The case can be folded horizontally or vertically so at any angle, the screen will be good. The case fits extremely snugly onto the tablet, and will eliminate all fears of fingerprints on the shiny back of the Touchpad. Which is what I was after for when I decided to buy it. 🙂

A Digital Microscope

Our homeschooling session has been going really great so far! We are close to our third month on the program and the Advanced Kindergarten preschooler around here has a lot of knowledge and skills learned already. I am thinking of getting a digital microscope soon, if I can find an affordable price for one as it will be a good addition for our Science courses, although we are still on the very basic topics and terms when it comes to Science.

This Digital Microscope will surely be useful!

But first and foremost, I need to transform our other bedroom first into a presentable classroom. See, in the two weeks since our move, still, the supposed to be classroom bedroom doesn’t look like a classroom yet. There is still more that needs to be done in the wall and on the floor as well as the furniture that I need to use. Also, most of the daughter’s toys are still in the garage, I haven’t brought them in yet and I don’t know when I can. More time to organize our room is still needed.


For now, we’re proceeding with our daily classes in an empty room. Which isn’t bad at all considering that we have everything that we need for our schooling. If we continue to homeschool the daughter in the coming years, for sure, we will be needing more stuff to be put in our classroom.

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