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Samsung Eternity

My over 2-year-old Samsung Propel is not in my hands right now. I lend it to Ate Eve, a friend here in town whose cellphone gave up on her and because she waited for her salary before she can get a replacement, I let her use my inactive Samsung Propel so that she can have something to use before the replacement comes. She wanted to buy my Propel but I didn’t sell it because I figured it would be a good one to use when I am in Philippines. So last Friday, she was finally able to order a replacement of her old mobile phone which stopped working on her. A Samsung Eternity:

I had to read the reviews of this phone and the specifications as well because it was her husband who ordered it for her. Because price is the number one thing to consider, even if Ate Eve wanted one with a Wi-fi, she wasn’t able to get it. Which to her regret because I showed her one with a Wifi which was on the same price as this Eternity. Well, too bad because they already ordered this when I showed it to her.


Anyway, I’ll wait and see when it gets to her hands. I hope it is a great phone! We can only find it out when Ate Eve can finally use it. I think it will arrive tomorrow so we’ll see! Lol.

Snowmobile Goggles

Yes, it’s almost winter here in our neck of the woods! And, snowmobile goggles will be the next “in” thing for many of the Wisconsinites!


That’s right, snowmobile goggles! That’s because most household here in our place have snowmobiles. I think it’s just us who doesn’t have one. Snow starts here by average in late November so as early as December, the Central Wisconsin is already covered with whites. And then, the snow-loving people would be snowmobiling and skiing as their winter sports to have fun.

Now I am asking myself– when shall I attempt to ski or snowmobile? Hmm…. I haven’t even go on a snow sled or snow tubing yet. May be this coming winter. I hope I and my friends can decide on it! 🙂

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