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A Pair of Watches!

Let’s talk about watches because I have a bad and a good news about it! Lol.


Bad news: the husband’s 3-year-old Casio wristwatch which is still working perfectly is not wearable now, after its strap got torn apart during our move a week ago. He needs a watch very badly because a Professor always looks at the time when he is starting and ending his class. So now, he’s thinking of buying a new one and he isn’t after with the expensive brand as long as it tells of the right time. Lol. That means he will go after a five-dollar-watch as long as its battery is working well as it is what’s needed to tell him of the right time. Lol.


High End Watches? They’re just a luxury to him, not a necessity. Can you tell how simple and practical this man is? 😀


Now on to the good news: I just bought him a new watch and I am expecting to receive it this week. I told him not to buy one yet because I’ll be the one to get him the “nice” watch. Lol. I actually purchased the old one which is now strapless and for three years now, it still works very good. The nice thing about this new purchase is I got two actually: a set of  him and her. So it will be a set for us– the same brand and style; just different in size and color. His is black, mine is pink. Yay! I’ll show it here once the FedEx guy will deliver it in my doorstep!

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