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TouchPad Leather Case Cover

I haven’t blogged about my HP TouchPad yet and the story behind my getting it after two months of ordering it when the HP Touchpad craze went over the internet because HP announced that they are discontinuing their HP TouchPad production. Yep, I got mine over a week ago and I am loving it. Again, I have yet to post my review of it. Hopefully, soon.


Meanwhile, I ordered this at eBay for my precious 32GB TouchPad: a super pink leather case with a built-in stand for viewing pleasure, an auto-securing magnetic flap to protect from scratches and bumps.



Its package comes with 2 pieces of screen protector which works as a scratch and scuff resistant and an application card and cleaning cloth. And then the husband exclaimed, “Yaiks! That is so pink!!!” Ha ha ha.


Let’s see if he still will hold it when I can put it in the very TouchPad soon! 😛


I Heart Family Time

Weekends are always a family time for us; thus, no matter how much I want to mind my online tasks on weekends, I find it really hard to be successful in such. Lol. Aside from weekends, traveling is also a family time. Our recent huge travel getaway was last December and January, when we drove to Las Vegas and back to spend the Christmas and New Year there at my sister-in-law’s home. It was great getting together with family on special holidays with friends old and new.


One of the things we did in Las Vegas was touring the Strip and checking out beautiful land marks. This one is a very common scene in the place:


I’m sure there were a lot of poker insiders in every hotel and casino in Las Vegas and one thing is a fact: that people who flock the place will be mesmerized by how grand life is in the place! Grand in a way that there are so many grand things to check out, so many amazing sights that our eyes can enjoy seeing, and so many kinds of people you see everywhere!


Ahh… Las Vegas! A place to go when you have lots and lots of money and you don’t know what to do with it! Lol. Definitely not me. Because first, I don’t have lotsa money. And second, I sure do know what to do with my money! 😀

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