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One Week AgoToday

Oh wow, days fly by so fast! Today marks the one week of our move from Whiting Avenue to Terrace Lane! I find it so unbelievable how the past seven days have gone by! They came and left unnoticed! Exactly a week ago today, the husband and I were the busiest bees in town! Thankfully, our friend Melds was around to extend her helping hand, too. She brought her truck and it was what we used in transporting our mattresses and other huge furniture that didn’t fit in our Grand Caravan. Thank God for helping friends!


A week ago today, I did a lot of cleaning up at that old place were we left. It would have been a relief if  the  non toxic carpet cleaning austin was able to help us. I know of a friend who testified greatly of the services that did to them when they hired them to clean the apartment unit that they abandoned when finally they were able to purchased their new home. I’m sure I could say the same had I benefited from their expertise in cleaning up.


So yeah, we were the most tired people a week ago today. I think every move experience indeed makes one tired and physically stressed, don’t you think? It is just a consolation that we are now settled in our new home– the same apartment lifestyle fulfilling our goal of lessening our monthly expenses. Hooray!

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