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The Amanda Knox Update

My internet connection got back this morning after three days of being out of the world wide web. Well, I did am able to access my inboxes because we had to stop by at the university last weekend for some very important errands but that was it; no blogging whatsoever. Not even a glance at those favorite sites that I frequent to for news.


So today, when I was able to access the world wide web again, the update on Amanda Knox ruling got me. Just who doesn’t know about the life story of Amanda Knox? I bet only a few don’t. This morning, I’ve read that the Judge will be ruling out on the case. Either Knox could face life imprisonment, or she could continue to serve the next 22 years in prison as first ruled on her four years ago, or she could be cleared out and will walk free. Well, the last one it was! And it’s been reported that she’ll be leaving Italy early Tuesday bound for Seattle, WA where her home is.


I am so fascinated with this story because I kind of have been reading the update all along. Anything that has to do with international laws and crimes, an interest sparks in me to know the details of those cases. I think reading made me become a lawyer wannabe even more! He he he. I am starting to read the Pennoyer v. Neff laws from the site and it never stops to draw so much fascination in me.


Sometimes, it makes me regret why I didn’t pursue the Law degree. Oh well, I still will learn more so I’ll just keep feeding myself with those relevant information which my mind can grasp!

Another Wedding on the Way!

A cousin of mine is already preparing his and his bride-to-be’s titanium wedding bands for their upcoming exchange of vows. And, guess what? I shall miss it again, like I always do, every time a special event back home is being held. Oh how I’d love to be able to attend the big day but what can I do? I am a continent away from my home country so I will just fill these longings with the photos that they’ll be sharing with me soon.


A few more weeks to go and then, D, my cousin will officially become a husband! Yay! I am silently shouting within me the “Congratulations and Best Wishes greetings and I hope to talk to them soon, before the day they’ll say “I Do”. I am so happy for him and his soon-to-be bride! 🙂

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